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How Can You Support Us

Many youth in the Weston community come from low-income, lone-parent situations who do not have the economic stability to pay for after school, extracurricular activities for youth or have the time and resources to provide consistent meals for their children. Having donors mean that we can offer stability and consistency in our programming and can maintain our staff complement.

Help us as we embark on 30 years in the Weston Community

For almost 30 years, Frontlines has provided a safe, caring alternative to the streets. Every year, Frontlines serves hundreds of children and youth in the Weston Mount-Dennis community, providing them with free and accessible programming. Through our programs, children often gain access to their only healthy meal for the day. It would be a tremendous blessing to us here at Frontlines to have you partner with us to provide much needed programs and services to the families in the Weston Mount-Dennis community.

Sponsor a child/youth today

While there is no number value that you can place on a child’s smile or the relationships that they establish with other kids and adults in our programs, it takes about 30 dollars a week for a child to attend our after school programs such as home work club, cooking classes, music programs. These programs are always complimented with a meal. We know that poverty is real in Canada and 1 in 4 children live in poverty and hunger in Toronto.

At Weston Frontlines Toronto, we help to combat these issues through our programs and we are counting on your support to do so. Please consider the impact that you can make on the life of a child or youth by making a donation to Frontlines. Donate today

Some ways you can donate:

  • Direct Debit – please send us a void cheque with a signed note indicating the amount of your monthly donation
  • Email Transfer – please contact at 416-244-7017 our Executive Director for details on this option
  • Cheque – one-time or monthly post-dated, made payable to Frontlines and mailed to 1844 Weston Road, Toronto, ON, M9N 1V8
  • Debit Card Only − you can donate online through CanadaHelps
  • Credit Card – visit CanadaHelps or donate through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

All donations $20 and over are eligible for a tax receipt, which will be mailed at year end.