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Programs Descriptions

Frontlines is pleased to offer an array programs that are diverse, ranging from cooking/nutrition to sports and music. There is definitely something for everyone!  All of our programs centre on addressing the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of youth from ages 6-29. All our programs come with a snack or meal. Please see our new video to see the SMILES at Frontlines

Children (6-12)

The Journey

Frontlines offers a program from children 6-12 in which they are taught about personal development through story telling and testimonials.

TGIF Drop-Ins

Frontlines is the place to be on Fridays. Participants are free to come in, kick-back and relax while listening to music, playing games or just catching up with friends. Whatever the reason Drop-In is a safe place for youth to come in and just be themselves!

Summer, March and New Year Camps

Frontlines offers a number of camps throughout the year. Some of our camps are specialized including our dance and basketball camps and the age range vary from 6-12 and 13-18.

Homework Club

Frontlines provides extra homework help to children ages 6-12. We understand that children need one on one support they may not be able to receive at home. With the help of staff and community volunteers, the children are engaged and encouraged to succeed academically.

So You Think You Can Cook

Once a week, children ages 6-12 are taught basic cooking and nutrition skills. The young chefs learn how to slice and dice, bake and stew delicious dishes from all over the globe. In an engaging and fun way the kids of Weston acquire important life skills and how to make informed decisions’ about food so they lead healthy, active lives. Additionally, youth in this program engage in lively discussions with staff on various topics. Formerly known as Katering Kids, Soulburners and FrontBurners-Out of the Fire and Into the Kitchen.  The FrontBurners Kitchen program is now the alternative name to the Catering Careers program.

Youth (13-18)

Gem Dolls

Frontlines runs a mentorship program for girls ages 14-24.  This is a youth led program by a young woman in the community. The program offers girls a community where they can hear other girls, and women. Through the use of cosmetology and hair techniques, girls are able to share their stories and understand they are NOT ALONE in their struggles.

Leaders in Training

Youth 13-18 obtain leadership skills and obtain volunteer hours through developing and supporting programming at Frontlines

Guitar Hero

Our music program helps young individuals (13-15) explore and discover the properties of sound through singing, moving, speech, playing instruments, listening, and manipulating sounds in various ways.

Don’t Front Young Men Group

Frontlines provides a mentoring program to males ages 13-18. Our mentors help connect a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity.

Young Adults 18+

Catering Careers/Frontburners

Frontlines offers a free 8 weeks, culinary skills training program for youth ages 18-29. The program involves hands-on experience in the kitchen, baking, cooking, menu planning, and budgeting. Upon completion students receive Safe Food Handler’s certificate, Smart Serve, etc. Catering Careers work with employment agencies to help students build a resume, work on interview skills and finally place them in jobs in the food service industry! Ongoing classes, call or email to register!

Job searching support

Frontlines provides participants (16+) with a wide variety of employment supports on a case by case. We work alongside our community partners to do so.