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Volunteers have been the mainstay of Frontlines from its inception.

For many years there was only one paid staffer – everything else was done through volunteers. Although today the staff complement has grown, volunteers are still an integral part of the operations at Frontlines.  Volunteers have come from various sources: from the immediate community; placement students from schools, colleges and universities; church groups locally, from other areas in Canada and overseas; other organizations, and individuals who believe in the mission of Frontlines. Our volunteers give generous gifts of time and expertise in programming, fundraising, governance and event planning among other skills, and they truly make a difference. We highly value their efforts and contributions.

As we celebrate this milestone, we sincerely thank everyone who have given in any way of their resources to help build Frontlines. Volunteering with Frontlines can be a tremendously rewarding experience, allowing you to help others while developing skills that transcend into every aspect of your life. If you are interested, give us a call!

Volunteer Categories

At Frontlines, there are various ways to volunteer: program support, maintenance of the property, fundraising and special events and other general activities. There may be a role for you! In addition to volunteers for the above roles, we have other volunteer categories. These are:

  • Ontario Works – provides clients of Ontario Works with the opportunity to acquire and develop skills; improve on their English
  • Community Service Order – provides youth who have been involved in the criminal justice system the opportunity to engage in positive community service activities
  • Students Community Involvement – provides high school students with impactful volunteer experiences
  • Placement Students – provides the opportunity for post-secondary students to acquire hands-on training as part of their program

Benefits of Volunteering

When you volunteer with Frontlines, you’ll be “giving back” to your community by supporting some of its most vulnerable members. You’ll also have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Develop active listening and effective communication skills
  • Gain new insights and perspectives about the community
  • Acquire new knowledge by being exposed to different settings and experiences
  • Improve your understanding of individual differences by being exposed to children and youth of diverse backgrounds, cultures, races and abilities
  • Increase your awareness of the special needs and circumstances of others
  • Improve your understanding of your own personal strengths, values and beliefs
  • Develop a stronger sense of belonging and giving back to the community
  • Have increased insight into social issues and community challenges
  • Develop skills which are useful in interpersonal and professional life situations

Volunteer Form

Please upload your resume and cover letter telling us which area of Frontlines that you are interested in volunteering (general volunteer support, kitchen programs, mentoring, tutoring)