Adults Volunteers and Post Secondary Placement

Adult Volunteers – We are always looking for adult members of the community to make a contribution to the neighbourhood. Anyone over the age of 18 is considered an adult. We value the contribution of the adults in our community who are striving to make our communities safer and prosperous. The adults in our communities are the driving force of our neighbourhoods, the adults keep everything turning, and stable.

Post-secondary volunteers– The post-secondary volunteers are for student volunteers who are currently doing their post-secondary education.  Here at frontlines we value post-secondary students very much. We are looking for post-secondary volunteers, volunteers who can brainstorm, plan and lead the future of our Weston communities. The future of the Weston community is in the hands of our post-secondary students. So to all our post-secondary students come out and leave your imprint. The future in now!

Community Service volunteering (Justice)- There are a variety of services available to people who need their community hours specifically people who are under community supervision through probation and parole at any level whether that be youth or adults. This service is designed to assists offenders to correct or change behaviours. This is intended to help with life skills, rehabilitation, education, and work programs. We at Frontlines believe anyone can make a change. Help us help you.

Skills/qualifications for all

  • Charismatic
  • Commitment to working
  • Willing to participate in trainings and orientations .
  • Commit time for the work
  • Keep information confidential