We have a number of volunteer opportunities for youth

1.High School Placement

High School students who are 14 years of age or older are eligible to apply for the High School Volunteer Program. The program is a great opportunity to be immersed in the community services environment while earning hours for community involvement. Volunteers will have the chance to learn about Frontlines, the youth and families it serves, and the many services it offers throughout the year.

(See Post Secondary Placement under Adult Volunteers)

2.Community Service volunteering (Justice)- There are a variety of services available to people who need their community hours specifically people who are under community supervision through probation and parole at any level whether that be youth or adults. This service is designed to assists offenders to correct or change behaviours. This is intended to help with life skills, rehabilitation, education, and work programs. We at frontlines believe anyone can make a change, help us help you.

3. Our Leaders in Training Program (12-18) for youth is Volunteer Capacity Program

This program allows for youth to get their volunteer hours, attend career development workshops and obtain various certification such as CPR, Food Handling and much more.

Youth can volunteer for various roles including

Program L.I.T (14-18)
This role will assist Frontlines staff with
– Developing and Running programs- arts, sports etc.
– Supervising younger youth in program
– Intake and registration of kids
– Attendance and sign out records

Event Planning L.I.T (12-18)
This role will assist Frontlines staff with
– Event agenda,Bookings with performances, speakers
– Working with communication L.I.T to create promotional materials
– Fundraising for social causes and days such as Giving Tuesday

Communication L.I.T (12-18)
This role will assist the Frontlines communication staff with
– Photographing and video-graphing programs and events at Frontlines
– Developing posts for social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
– Developing posts for website
– Developing fliers and other promotional materials about events and programs at Frontlines and the community
– Developing and distributing newsletter and other promotional materials about events and programs

-Administration L.I.T (16-18)
This role will assist Frontlines Administration staff with
– General reception roles
– Data evaluation
– General Accounting

Kitchen/Chef L.I.T (12-18)
This role will assist the Frontlines Culinary manager with
– Developing menus for programs
– Preparing meals for after school programs, summer camp and events
– Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen

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